Read “The Princeton Seventh” now!

If you can’t wait until FringeNYC 2015, or if you won’t be in New York in August, you can still read “The Princeton Seventh” (a poor alternative to the theatrical experience, granted). A paperback edition is available at Amazon, published by Original Works Publishing. Only $11.95. I’ll even sign it for you!

And here’s a link to the publisher, to find out about other great plays:

Read “The Princeton Seventh” now!

3 thoughts on “Read “The Princeton Seventh” now!

  1. Katie R-A says:

    I am looking to obtain two (2) industry comps to The Princeton Seventh on Friday the 14th of August at 7:30pm.
    Who might be the best person to contact in order to obtain them?
    Many thanks,


    1. vculek says:

      Thanks, I’m looking into how that works. I think you can assume you will be able to pick up the comp tickets at the box office before the Friday performance.


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