Venue and dates!

Here are the performance dates and times for “The Princeton Seventh” at The New York International Fringe Festival:

Friday 14 August, 7:30pm

Saturday 15 August, 4:45pm

Monday 17 August, 3:00pm

Wednesday 19 August, 7:00pm

Thursday 20 August, 2:30pm

And then we’re gone!

And here’s our great venue, Teatro La Tea, 107 Suffolk Street, NY NY (the town so nice they named it twice) Lower East Side. The best part of the East Side, amiright?:

Venue and dates!

Partizan Theater Profile

Partizan Theater is an independent, non-profit theater company active in Minneapolis since 2003. With no permanent home, we produce our plays at various venues throughout the city. Favorites are the Rarig Thrust Stage at the University of Minnesota, and the Minneapolis Theater Garage.

Partizan Theater’s past productions include:

“Shtick, and Its Relation to the Unconscious,” sort of a Yiddish musical – Sigmund Freud in the Catskills! telling jokes! and dancing! – starring Ari Hoptman, Richard Ooms, and Marshall Hambro at the 2003 Minnesota Fringe Festival, where it was a Top 10 box office hit.

The 2005 world premiere production of “The Princeton Seventh,” at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, with Ari, Alex Cole, Catherine Johnson Justice, and James Cada, also a Top 10 show.

“Angelina Jolie is a Zionist Whore! or, Plan 9 from Baghdad,” at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater in 2006, starring Alayne Hopkins, Sam Landman, Steve Lattery, and Alex. Bumbling Iraqi terrorists kidnap exactly the wrong American, and then have to improvise their hostage video.

“Something Witchy” at the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival, starring Catherine, Chris Carlson, and Lindsey Alexandra Hartley. A Manson family member is tracked down 16 years after the Tate-LaBianca murders, living in suburbia. The past never goes away.

A remount of “The Princeton Seventh” at the 2010 Minnesota Fringe, also a Top 10 show, starring Richard, Alayne, Ari, and Alex.

A remount of “Angelina Jolie…” at the 2011 Minnesota Fringe, starring Catherine, Ari, Alex, and Joshua Will, a Top 10 show.

The world premiere production of “Carol and Cotton” at the 2012 Minnesota Fringe, starring Catherine and Steve Sweere, where it was a Top 10 show and named Best Drama. Based on the Minnesota “Crime of the Century”: a prominent attorney hires a low-life to murder his wife. The perfect crime never is.

A remount of “Carol and Cotton” in March 2013 (50 years to the day after the Crime of the Century on which it is based) at the Minneapolis Theater Garage, again starring Catherine and Steve.

Also in 2013, “Carol and Cotten” was selected to play its East Coast premiere at the 2013 New York International Fringe Festival, where it got a stellar New York Times review and won the Playwriting Award of Excellence. Again, the cast was Catherine and Steve.

And now we’re back at the New York International Fringe Festival with the East Coast Premiere of “The Princeton Seventh” with Alayne, Ari, Richard, and Alex. Come see us! Venue and dates to be posted soon.

All plays written and directed by James Včulek.

Partizan Theater’s film arm, Partizan Pictures, has produced two award-winning features:

“Two Harbors” (2005), starring Catherine Johnson Justice, Alex Cole, Ari Hoptman, Richard Ooms, Claudia Wilkens, Joshua Will, Nels Lennes, Charles Brin, and Paul Cram. “Two Harbors” screened at over 25 film festivals world-wide, winning 8 Best Feature awards, including at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, the Milwaukee Film Festival, the Eugene Film Festival, and the Victoria (Australia) Festival of Moving Image. Other festival screenings included: the Austin, Sarasota, Mendocino, Queens, Beloit, Cedar Rapids, and Winnipeg International Film Festival, where Alex Cole won the Best Actor award. An obsessed sci-fi fanatic uses an impressionable young woman to lure aliens to earth, with tragic results. Based on a true story.

“The Quietest Sound” (2006) starring Catherine, Chris Carlson, and Michael Tezla, screened at festivals including: the Austin Film Festival, the Eugene Film Festival, the One Take Film Festival in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, and the Fargo Film Festival, where Catherine won the award for Best Actress. Two unseen detectives turn on a camcorder to record their conversation with Elizabeth, whose 4-year-old daughter, Chloe is missing. For 75 minutes the camera rolls, without stopping, until we finally learn what happened to Chloe. Or do we?

Currently in pre-production is “The Nudelmans of Beaver Bay” starring Ari Hoptman and Alex Cole, and probably a bunch of the actors named above.

“Two Harbors” and “The Quietest Sound” are available on DVD from Netflix and Amazon. Check them out!

All films written, produced, and directed by James Včulek.

Partizan Theater Profile

Actor bios!

Ari Hoptman is an actor, comedian, and playwright who has performed regularly in the Twin Cities area. His roles have included Yvan in “Art,” Felix in “The Odd Couple,” and the title role in “Words by . . Ira Gershwin and the Great American Songbook,” in addition to several solo comedy shows. He was also a featured player in the Coen Brothers film “A Serious Man.” When not acting, Ari teaches German to anyone who will listen.


Alex Cole is an actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, storyteller, and a mediocre poet. His roles have included R.P. McMurphy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Ricky Roma in “Glengarry Glen Ross,” and Col. Nathan Jessup in “A Few Good Men.” He has spent a night in jail with John Goodman on the sitcom classic “Roseanne,” and was kicked in the head by Debra Messing in the film “McHale’s Navy.” He lives in Chicago and is patiently waiting for someday to arrive.


Richard  Ooms began  his  career at The  Playhouse  in the Park in Cincinnati in 1970.  He appeared  Off Broadway in “Anna K” in 1971.  In 1972 he became  a  founding  member of John Houseman’s The Acting Company where for  8 years he performed in  cities  throughout  the US, the Virgin  Islands and  Australia.
In 1981 he came  to  Minneapolis and has acted with The Guthrie  Theater  for  the last 30 years, appearing in roles ranging from King Lear to  Argon in “The Imaginary  Invalid ” and Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”.  Richard  can be seen in the films “Drop  Dead  Gorgeous “, “The  Thirteenth  Warrior ”  and “Two Harbors”, written and directed by James  Včulek.

Alayne Hopkins has appeared in theaters around the Twin Cities.  Performances include critically-lauded roles as Laura in The Glass Menagerie and Mary in Mary’s Wedding (winner of a 2009 Ivey Award) at the Jungle Theater.  She was named best actress for her role as Sabina in The Skin of Our Teeth with Girl Friday Productions by Lavender Magazine.  Other credits include work with Park Square Theatre; Ten Thousand Things; Frank Theater; History Theatre; Minnesota Jewish Theater; Partizan Theater; and Shakespeare in the Park, among others.


Actor bios!

FringeNYC here we come!

“The Princeton Seventh” has been selected for the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival. The same stellar cast that presented it at the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival will return: Alayne Hopkins, Ari Hoptman, Alex Cole, and Richard Ooms. Stay tuned for updates on venue and performance dates. Partizan Theater was at FringeNYC in 2013 with my play, “Carol and Cotton,” starring Catherine Johnson Justice and Steve Sweere. We were lucky enough to get a stellar review in the New York Times ( , and win the Playwriting Award of Excellence. Fingers crossed for another successful run this year!

FringeNYC here we come!